EOS DAC is a community run Decentralized Blockchain Governance Model.  It is this DAC or a  Decentralized Autonomous Community that can be used to hold or issue funds and vote on proposals made by custodians voted in by token holders. WEED DAC will use EOS WEED pegged 1:1 with steem engine gateway. TelosDAC will also be utilized after WEED TLOS pair is launched. 

DAC eosdac.io and member client – members.eosdac.io

EOS Token with Full EOS SMart ContracT

EOS WEED is the Peg of Weedcash on Steem-Engine and through privex.io gateway we can withdraw weedcash to eos weed 1:1 at just 1% fee. EOS WEED transactions are made from eos smart contract account WEEDCASHNTWK which can be viewed on https://bloks.io/account/WEEDCASHNTWK

Bloks.io & eospark.com block explorer
EOSDAC Financials showing transparent virtual vault maintained by a 12 account multi signature wallet of voted custodians
EOS DAC proposals. WEED DAC will use this front end for WEED EOS proposals, funding global campaigns to help legalize cannabis in a decentralized autonomous community.
As WEEDCASH expands to Telos, we will apply for worker proposal funding, along with access to free tools that weedcash will gain access to, like TelosDAC infrastructure

WEED Airdrop to TOP 500 SEED holders

500 EOS WEED were airdropped to With the help of Steem-Engine developer gerber, a python airdrop tool by themarkymark and ideation from Steem/EOS/Telos blockchain developer ackza, airdrops from steem-engine WEEDCASH to EOS WEED (and Telos) were able to be made directly from steemenginex gateway operated by privex.io which allows for many steem to eos gateway transfers including APX SAND & TLOSP 

Bloks.io Block Explorer – Steem-Engine.com Side Chain – Privex.io
EverythingEOS group telegram already discussing weedcash eos airdrop :D

EOS Community

Thanks to the EOS Airdrop to over 1000 EOS accounts, the EOS telegram community is already curious about weedcash days before the Newdex listing!  For example, here we see Everything_EOS users asking to see the website for weedcash.  Weed token hopes to avoid the mistakes of previous popular cannabis themed tokens by fleshing out a legalization oriented DAC as the global purpose for WEEDcash.  We believe the cannabis culture will support a community driven legalization DAC powered by blockchains.

Everything_EOS telegram https://t.me/Everything_EOS

WEED DAC will seek investors from Legal Cannabis Dispensaries to promote global cannabis legalization campaigns using weedcash.network social media dapp