• chubb149 Brandon posted an update 5 days, 3 hours ago

    I bought a coffee cup yesterday ( My first WEED purchase for 420 WEED I mean the world only gives you a joke like that every so often so I figured I would record it. As I said in my post yesterday ill still post to weedcash daily but likely through weedchat. I’m in the process of building up my sales history in before I launch my NFTs I didn’t give up its just something I didn’t do last time I tried this, so I’m trying to learn from my mistakes. Making this try much better than my first by accounting for what went wrong.

    • So FYI, WeedChat is not on chain so if you want rewards you will still need to post to Hive and share it here on WeedChat. You can use the Post to Weedcash option which takes you there!

      • I know im just trying to give weedcash a break and this while not connected weedchat seems more likely then discord to have more cross over, little updates like this dont require a every day post and this is more marketable to non hive users so it would be good to see it take off.