Weedcash Bounties Program

Want to make some free Weed Cash making memes, promoting the dapp, and earning weedcash making post and signing users up? We need as many Cannabis celebrities and researchers from NORML, and MAPS as we can get! We hope the WEEDCASH Foundation with its Telos Foundation style OG voting tokens, and the Weedcash DAC for Decentralized Autonomous Cannabis legalization Community could coexist well with the steem based Weedcash.network social media dapp. We are working with Steem-Engine and privex.io for our Steem to EOS token gateway, and now tipit.io to provide scaling to billions via Weedcash EOS token tips to any discord telegram or twitter users. 

Weedcash will be giving away tokens to Social media Influencers and Anyone who wants to promote for the Cross Chain Cannabis Blockchain Project that supports the legalization of Cannabis with a DAC using EOSDAC and Dac Factory.   





The first Social Bounty for Weedcash will 1 WEED token for every weedcash post with a Weedcash Meme posted in our Weedcash Telegram https://t.me/weedcashntwk  The meme must first be posted to weedcash.network, then posted on any social media including https://reddit.com/r/trees and or https://reddit.com/r/weedcash twitter, instagram, youtube, tiktok, steem.   Post these to the telegram and receive a tipitbot tip of 1  EOS WEED token. 1000 EOS WEED have been set aside for this. Bounty


Here we can see an example of the WEED eos token tips via tipit over telegram where you can get free WEED tokens just for showing up! 

You can now go on telegram and get tipped WEED tokens today! Here is what the telegram tip bot looks like! Just pop right in to https://t.me/weedcashntwk and introduce yourself and tell us how you found out about Weedcash! To earn more just please write a post on weedcash.network and post it on Twitter Instagram reddit or any social media and then show us in the telegram or discord https://discord.gg/VeP7kBu   We need a smany Steem and EOS users as possible to help build this project out with the largest community of Cannabis and Blockchain users possible. SEED on EOS for Cannabis Dispensary logistics is another cannabis EOS project and we have airdropped 500 EOS WEED to top 500 SEED token holders. If you are a supporter of SEED let’s talk about partnerships where weedcash.network, the social media dapp, can help promote the SEED Track n Trace system for dispensaries and even get it tested in Legal Cannabis Dispensary Collective,  Harbor Collective San Diego, CA who we have a relationship with through Ackza and expect to see branding deals and partnerships for a limited run of products we can purchase and buy out for social media promotions to show that we had actual cannabis products made and paid for with Weedcash, tokens ! We hope to see you all on the telegram! 

Free Bitcoin Debit Cards for Weedcash Users: https://CashAppCard.org and get your free BTC debit card you can use to cashout after selling WEED for EOS/ STEEMP and then to BTC which Cash App accepts and lets you withdraw from any ATM. Spend your first $5 or buy $5 in BTC and get $5 and we get $5 .  This is one of the many “green” services you can use to make your life easier at weedcash and on Steem or crypto in general. 

We want to make it easy for you to cash out your crypto, and it’s a great referral program with $5 signup bonuses per $5 signups.  Ad revenue on Weedcash will be purchasing back WEED tokens

Remember, more bounties will come! Always check with the latest posts on Weedcash Official Blog Here: https://weedcash.network/@weedcash 



This Dapp for Weedcash on Steem Blockchain will also need Scatter for Telos Weed (coming soon) and EOS Weed login , to wallet and the social media pages.  To start the process you can make a 1000 Steem Bounty just by connecting Scatter to a WordPress website.  Contact @ackza on telegram and ask him for the Fresh WordPress server to use and here is the Scatter Node JS Walkthrough part 1

learn how to install these scatter buttons onto a WordPress website and earn a Bounty of 1000 steem but you must have completed the addition of a working airgrab and registration and login buttons into a standard wordpress server and make scatter buttons appear and work!  You can learn the process all through this video, and learn an amazing new skill for EOS and telos and all EOSIO chains that work on scatter (Steem coming soon as well to scatter after Wallet pack is stable)  ! When we have Weedcash network Scatter integration we can really take this dapp to the next level and we want to see the community help develop the SCOt into EOS STEEM hybrid dapp with scatter as we go along, and the scatter integration into wordpress should eventually be packaged into a plugin allowing anyone to start building blockchain dapps out of any website,. Steempress is also used on Weedcash website so our Blog is posted. https://Weedcash.network/@weedcash