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WeedCash Network is an online community for cannabis enthusiasts and businesses to post content without fear of censorship.


Users are incentivized with cryptocurrencies like WEED and HIVE.


WEED can be purchased on Hive-Engine.com with HIVE or on NewDex.io with EOS.


WEED Miner and WEED Mega Miner tokens can also be purchased and staked to earn WEED.

Miner tokens are only available on the Hive Engine exchanges. 


To make a post on Weedcash and earn rewards, you must have a Hive blockchain account, you can create one here.


If you don’t have a Hive account yet, that is okay… 

You can connect with your existing social media account and join the community in the WeedChat area which is an off-chain

chat area for the greater cannabis loving community!


New to the crypto and blockchain world? Don’t worry, our awesome community can help you 

learn the blockchain side of things, because we know that can be confusing! Together, we will get you

posting to the blockchain and earning WEED and HIVE tokens!


So grab some herbs and come join us on the Highest Form Of Social Media!


Weedcash is built on the Hive blockchain which makes you the owner and controller of your data! So your Hive account is also your Weedcash account!


Hive Engine is the second layer smart contract system for the Hive blockchain. This is what makes WEED token possible! Here you can also trade WEED tokens for their swap.HIVE token.


swap.BTC is a token on the Hive-Engine market that allows you to easily trade in your earnings for swap.BTC and withdraw to actual BTC!


WEED also exists as an EOS token which opens our network to the much larger market. Announcing DEX listings and an EOS DApp soon!

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Instant Transactions

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) technology enables instant transactions!
Hive-Engine WEED - 3 seconds EOSIO WEED - 1 second

No Fees

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) technology is also what makes it possible to transact with ZERO FEES!

Limited Token Supply

There are only 420 million WEED tokens in total. This cannot be increased, even as we integrate with more blockchains.

Staking Rewards

Earn Passive rewards just by staking WEED. Earn more by posting or voting on weedcash.network


Join  WeedCash users all over the world who are earning WEED for posting original cannabis content on WeedCash’s decentralized social media platform!

After all, this is the highest form of social media, so grab your favorite herbs and join along!