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WeedCash accounts are also Hive accounts and WEED is traded against swap.HIVE on Hive-Engine! 


The original WEED token was created on Hive-Engine.com where anyone with a Hive account can trade WEED against swap.HIVE!


swap.BTC is a token on the Hive-Engine market that allows you to easily trade in your earnings for swap.BTC and withdraw to actual BTC!


WEED also exists as an EOS token which opens our network to the much larger market. Announcing DEX listings and an EOS DApp soon!

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Pink memories digital art with photoshop

# pink memories with a big necklace hi, i just finished my work in photoshop, painting with xp pen tablet is my daily practice also i am working on a… [See More...]

- igbo4cake
3rd plant getting the chop tonight

Ak autoflower. Sprouted August 10th. 1 gal coco fed with floraduo with a drip system, 200 watts worth of qb led. Usually dry trim but wet trimming this one cause,… [See More...]

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Grow log #4 Learning from the plants

Alien Ring Popz on her day 36, whose force has gotten stronger and stronger. This plant stood up and wiped out every obstacles that life has tossed her in it's… [See More...]

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https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/03/09/09/17/arrows-2128980_960_720.jpg ## In 2019 it was estimated that the worldwide cannabis market was valued [around $17.5 billion. And still today, throughout this year, the cannabis industry has continued to see… [See More...]

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https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2020/03/19/09/55/death-tuna-heavy-indica-gas-strain-4946947_960_720.jpg Virginia is the next region that is looking to start moving forward with legalization plans in the new year and a recent 90 page report that was released by… [See More...]

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The Daily Highlight Reel..

I've been forgetting to turn on the Actifit counter.. thats why there's been no highlight reel .. Today's steps were gotten burying the cistern and redoing the floor joists in… [See More...]

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Northern Light Bud

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- cowboyblazerfan
Overflo harvest

Hello everybody. I’m doing good and growing still. Very challenging with my ankle, but I’m healing. Growing your own helps. Just the actual growing, the transplanting and flipping plants to… [See More...]

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Mistress Ava's first anal sex

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Premo diamonds 💎 💎

Well I finally picked up some of these damn things been hearing and seeing a lot about them. # Diamonds ***ˈdī'əmənd | Noun*** Definition: > A term used in the… [See More...]

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